Kitesurfing Lessons

All our classes are personalized kitesurfing lessons that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders.

Our experienced and certified instructors are there to ensure safe and effective learning. We provide all the necessary equipment, so you can focus on learning and having fun. Our lessons are tailored to your individual needs and goals, allowing you to progress at your own pace.


Join us at Villa Soflo Mexico and experience the thrill of kitesurfing in one of the world’s best destinations. 


Solo adventurers

Calling all independent spirits! Kitesurfing is an incredible way to challenge yourself.


Bond over a new activity and create unforgettable memories together!

Groups of Friends

Gather your closest crew and embark on a kitesurfing adventure together!


For adventurous families with teenagers in tow, kitesurfing can be a fantastic bonding activity.

What to expect

We offer a variety of lesson packages, from introductory lessons to advanced coaching clinics, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your goals and skill level. Here’s what you can expect from our kitesurfing lessons:

Master the Fundamentals:

  • Kitesurfing 101: We’ll break down the basics, from the goals and terminology to choosing the perfect spot and understanding wind patterns.
  • Gear Up: Learn how to set up your kite equipment safely and confidently, including the differences between pump and foil kites.
  • Safety First: Pre-flight checks become second nature with our comprehensive drills, ensuring a smooth launch every time.
  • Launch & Land Like a Pro: Practice launching and landing your kite with a qualified instructor, mastering the roles of both pilot and assistant.

Command the Kite:

  • Take Control: We’ll teach you proper control bar techniques for steering, adjusting power, and de-powering the kite in various wind conditions.
  • Harness the Wind: Gain a complete understanding of the wind window. You’ll learn how kite placement unlocks power (by flying in the power zone) and control (by flying at the edge).
  • Safety Systems Explained: Mastering safety systems, including quick releases, becomes an essential part of your kitesurfing knowledge.

Get Ready to ride:

  • Dry Land Starts: Before hitting the water, we’ll perform simulated water starts on land. This builds muscle memory and prepares you for the real deal!
  • Body Drag Like a Boss: We’ll get you comfortable in the water with body dragging exercises, helping you feel the connection with the kite and prepare for your first water start.
  • Water Start Wizardry: Master the art of launching yourself from the water with a smooth and controlled water start. This is a pivotal moment in your kitesurfing journey!
  • Cruising Downwind: Time to put your skills together! You’ll learn to ride downwind with control, changing direction and maintaining your position relative to the wind.
  • Jibe Your Way Upwind: Unlock the magic of upwind riding! We’ll introduce you to the jibe, a fundamental technique that allows you to tack back and forth against the wind, extending your riding time and exploration potential.

Even seasoned kiters can benefit from brushing up their skills or exploring new disciplines. Here at Villa Soflo, we offer lessons designed to push your limits and take your kitesurfing to the next level:

  • Advanced Techniques: Master advanced maneuvers like jumps, board grabs, and transitions with personalized coaching from our expert instructors.
  • Refine & Perfect: Take your riding to the next level by focusing on specific areas you want to improve, such as carving technique, upwind riding efficiency, or wave riding skills.
  • Gear Talk: Stay ahead of the curve with our instructors’ insights on the latest kitesurfing equipment and how it can enhance your riding style.
  • Specialty Clinics: Interested in trying something new? We offer specialty clinics on hydrofoiling, wakestyle riding, or light-wind techniques.
  • Local Knowledge: Maximize your Progreso experience! Our instructors will share their knowledge of the best local spots, wind conditions, and riding tips specific to the area.
  • Safety Refresh: Safety is paramount. Even experienced kiters can benefit from a refresher on advanced safety protocols and self-rescue techniques.
  • Don’t hesitate to mention any specific skills you’d like to focus on – we’re here to help you achieve your kitesurfing aspirations!

Prices in Mexican pesos (MXN)


Hear what our visitors have to say about us

Great location, Progreso is a very nice up and coming destination. The villa is beautiful right in front of the kiting area with warm water and beautiful white sand beach. Mickael is an excellent host who makes sure his guests have a great experience.
This as the experience of a lifetime!! Perfect combination of kite surfing experience, leisure, fun and relaxation!! Mickael is a great host and made us feel like home!! I’m making the SoFlo Vila a destination that I will be visiting at every chance I’ll get because it has everything a kite surfer could ever wish for
Very beautiful place on the beach. Beautiful and relaxed. We slept very well and the owner was an incredible person. I had a great time and we had fun. Highly recommended. Pool, hammocks, coconuts, silence, and very good energy. Also kitesurfing classes! A new view of Progreso.
The place is amazing to rest, enjoy the sea and the pool. The atmosphere is super cool and you can meet very interesting people. The plans to do around there are great. Highly recommended.